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SDSA – Drug Life mixtape

They say that rock does not have danger anymore and they are right because most of what normal people label as rock is done by rich men in their 40-50’s or corporate money making machines. Back in the day the best selling rock was filled with real cocaine-flavoured fantasies. But now those same people are still making songs. Or those who were smart enough to survive it.

“I’m steady noddin’ out like I got the narcolepsy
girl I like you so I put the GHB up in your Pepsi”
– SDSA – Operation (Feat. Spunky Smith) (Prod. By FluiD)

They say that metal does not have danger anymore and again they are right. The 90’s church burnings and mainstream’s ideology of heavy metal being of satan is far out sight.

But we are only talking about mainstream. With a short dive underground you can easily find music where danger still lives. Take for example an Iraqese band Acrassicauda who played metal literally between bombings and in the fear of authorities finding out what they are doing and shooting them. So when Esa Holopainen of Amorphis (or any other renowed metal musician) tells that metal does not have danger anymore of course it is like they say…

Danger is definitely not out of underground music and that is why it is such a juicy goldmine to find real emotions of. And if there is a single album that has been the definition of danger lately it is SDSA’s brilliantly named “Drug Life”. And what the hell, the album is a free download from Bandcamp.

SDSA is short of Suicidally Depressed Substance Abusers but this is no emo-shit. Apparently most tracks are influenced by really fucked up real-life situations and that is why they don’t end up making tracks often.

Fuck, im talking about rock and metal, but the stuff that’s tweaked my built-in danger meter lately the most; is underground hip-hop from Detroit. I never knew I could like hip-hop quite this much, but I always knew there must be jewels like this somewhere. Stuff that is too raw to ever be in public attention. Stuff that doesn’t have much distinctively good beats so to fully appreciate you have to dig deep to the drug-infused lyrics and mean vocal lines.

This stuff is full of danger and disfigured streetviews. Listening them, you can really hear that things in Detroit are fucked up.

education is shit, you cant live in this country without staying lit
– SDSA – Operation

The beginning of Drug Life contains more humour and is more on the fun-loving side of abusing drugs and yourself. The middle part (Japan Remix (Feat. Katha Underground) (Prod. By De-Paul), Midnite Snack and Mos Cryptic is the weakest. However it does lead way to brilliantly gloomy last 30 minutes of the album which makes the album a tight entity.

Is this picture really from 2010 or the 80s’?

“now we’re all getting raped like the drunkard out of party
that smoked too much chronic and drank too much bacardi
but this type of rapist is being sponsored by our government
i feel like i’d be fake if i wasnt speaking on this shit
the way they keep cutting my grandfathers pension
makes me want to hang myself with my own fucking intestines”
– SDSA – Operation

Like I said they are not emo-shit; their lyrics are full of pitch-black humour and abusing people, or themselves. To close this review, here is one of the juiciest bits of the pitch-black-humour sort. In my minds eye I can see this scene in JAM.

“We’re in a parking lot and the visions all hasty –
if you think i’ll let her go then you must be crazy
i wasnt about to drop of and ask for a number
i tore off her clothes and we fucked in a dumpster

you can call it sin but i threw her in
she had leftover tacobells on her chin
and a banana peel upon a heel
saw some bloody puke so i didnt kneel
grabbed a garbage bag and i took a seat
pulled out my dick and fucked her feet

we got trashfucked girl knew how to suck
she never woke up you can call it luck
tried a dozen positions i loved her style
she was my centerfold and i was Jay Geils”
– SDSA – Crash The Club (Prod. by

Overall score: 9/10

Download the album for free from here:

Fuck Your Speakers VOL 2 Disc 4 // NMMREM VI

Narrow-minded Metalhead reviews experimental music – VI

[TFR366] Fuck Your Speakers Double Header Part II Disc 4

Confusing = Entertaining Part II

A review with the most different sequels i’ve ever written I

Fuck Your Speakers 2 – Disc 4 – Delicate Porcini-Flavoured goggles track-by-track first impressions (part 1?)
The next part of Fuck your Speakers Double Header is sponsored by, which im using to decide which disk i will review.  First part can be found here. Inserting numbers between 1 and 6 (the number of discs on Fuck your speakers) and pressing “Generate”.  “3, okay I reviewed that part already”. Pressing “generate” again. “3, meh, what are the odds to this?” “Generate” 4.

nate_judiI actually had a quick glance of the opening track, Nathan Watson’s Auf Deutsch, already. A very quiet 12 minute dark ambient epic I couldn’t really listen last time as i was playing Nhl 2004. It officially got into my “Listen later with headphones” -list, along with Mutant Beatniks’ drift (from CD 3). And yes, this is some really minimalistic shit,  with echoed german speech and other well, echoes, in the background. At about 7 minutes it starts to gain more of an edge and scary sounds, jumping from one place to another. After continuing scary boosts for a few minutes it fades back to similar flow than in the beginning with only vague speaking. Fit with a well adjusted pic (look  a few inches to the left), bringing up, if possible nothing to relate to in regards of the track.

NB,PD! – Budapest In A Dyke’s Spike

Glitching, is that german again? Breakbeat. This is nearly the kind of stuff i was expecting of this release, but even this has a melodic stellar beat.

NB,PD! – Gentle Nibbling Of Goat Babies And The Jealous Ramming Of Goat Mothers

NB,PD! is quickly becoming the foremost contender of best track titles of the album, with indeed, Gentle Nibbling sounds. The track becomes something that I would expect to happen in a twisted upside down world of Jack Vance’s book, The Dying Earth. Adorable. Knowing that RedSK has multiple tracks in the end of the Disc 4, i am expecting him to take the challenge.

NB,PD! –  Trying To Tie A Ligature Around One Testicle

Definition of Ligature:

  1. A cord, wire, or bandage used for tying or binding.

I imagine the first 1:20 are the actual process of tying a ligature in the testicle and after it we progress to the inner feelings of the other testicle, who seems to have quite a groove on. Horny, perhaps? The second part of the track is pure testicular love. Very different than the first half.

Omajinaakoos – Aegrus

Noise rock? Quite groovy beginning with a riff hinting you to hit the highway, and melodic leads, er, improvised? The sounds are good, musty, thick and dirty. The track seems to just skip from one part to another incoherently. At 2:26 we can hear a vague keyboard melody in the back, along with the oncoming boredom of the listener. 2:55 minute mark suddendly puts in a black metal melodic lead, with slow drumming. Honestly that part could be a good basis for a song, very potential. It ends to a lead which almost manages to be good but avoids it somehow. Then a basic riff offering nothing special. I love the band title i love the song title, i just wish the song had something more compact to offer.

Pheonix FM – Cougar Town

Pheonix is a common typo, i suppose the artist is really Phoenix FM. First sounding like cheap folk, but having an uplifting chorus with harmonica. One thing lacking, whiskey, son drink more whiskey and then try singing again. The harmonica is joyously providing steady melodies throughout the song.

A-2097452-1308437323.jpeg.jpgPigeon Cadaver – Just the ordinary Terror

Speedcore, with a melodic glitchbeat. Memorable! Now we are addressing the best track so far. Turning a beat into a melody works. What helps the case is the nice logo of the project. Unfortunately the beginning beat which was clearly the most memorable part of the track doesn’t repeat. It had a making of a fine chorus. Son, your track just needs a more coherent structure.

Pigeon Cadaver – Rhythmic Hetzjagd Action Terror

I have to admit the first love of Pigeon Cadaver wears off quite quickly…

But it comes back as quickly! Very African-spirited beat and a similar promising glitchy chorus at about 0:50 than in the first track. If we have some repetition this time, we are heading towards very memorable.

Pigeon Cadaver – Danphy Fanpy

I can imagine listening Pigeon Cadaver for an entire album. The atmosphere created by such beat oriented music is extraordinary when you are used to not having the beat as the main instrument.

Danphy consists of a hardhitting heavy metal-like beat with a small vague african voodoo vibe. Some doom interludes to launch a what? Galloping beat!? Again the great beats are a bit wasted of having no repetition of the most juicy parts, but another beat flowing after each other. Fluently, and definitely the track stays surprisingly interesting even without any melody.

Playing with nuns – Links to your parlante´s

Harsh Noise. A vision of an object trying to rise from liquid jelly: scratching on psychedelic colors the jelly reflecting glimmers. falls back inside the water, twists disproportionately to different directions. Ends midst of movement.

praytor – live your life

Ambient noise. Why not. Lots of intersting manouvers. Eclectic.

praytor – kogiga woodlands

For noise this is surprisingly calming. Fitting japanese samples and gentle white noise. Effortless.

praytor – melodii

Continues praytor’s ambient noise aspects, with a real start up melodii reminding of a really fucked up wind instrument. The calming ambient wears off at 1.15 with evil sounds. Entertaining.

praytor – a name in death

The gentle white noise seems to be an ongoing topic of praytor.

praytor – gypsy curse

Yes there is a gypsy reminding melody in the background. Praytor is pleasant background music noise. Hell in a perfect world in the elevators of any regular mall, you would listen Praytor.

Purulent Headache – Brutal EBM

Expecting something VERY brutal, but… Haha, brilliant laughs. Slow europop with cookie monster growling. Another thing i never imagined of existing. Reminds a lot of a band called Nightsatan and one of their main idologies: “Laser metal or horror pop”.

Purulent Headache – Clot of seminal fluid

Purulent Headache is a truly thrilling project! Oh my god, what a deep growl! Getting even lower than Demilich (oldschool death metal band from the 1990s). Another thing i did not know was possible. At least not naturally… I reckon this growl must be edited, Demilich got pretty far down, without any editing ( growling starting at 0.30.

Raiding The Crimson Tides – From A Grave (Feat Falcon Pawnch!!!)

Death metal and deathcore mixtured. The sounds are nice and muddy, except for the machinized drums. The deep growling is competent, the higher is clearly a notch down, though maybe it is just the deathcore aspect in that sound which brings it down for me. 1.27-2.00 offers an original breakdown with good guitar and synth melodies entwining. Unfortunately only for a short while as that was clearly the best moment of this track and showed that there is promise. The chorus and the synth melody are not very exceptional, however the synth manages successfully to avoid the worse casio sound.

A good break amidst all the completely electronic music. Will i listen this song another time? Probably once.

RedSK – Acoustics And LSD Part 2 (Feat. TJ Greggs & Lady Cumdumpster)

A guy playing off-tune guitar, laughing. The melody closes off being on tune but manages to avoid it. Idiotic. The 2:19 part is awesome. Clearly lots of fun (for about 5 seconds). I started laughing even before the music burst out of laughs. This is not ominous but Im sure this stuff would terrify any basic person on LSD. Im surprised if they weren’t terrified themselves.

RedSK – Live Segment Beat Up Tape 1

Rising soundwave sliding pitch shift featuring inhuman cookiemonster

RedSK – Pretty Asian Painted Toenail (RedSK Remix)

Wrap the ace toaa toaa wrap the ace tooaatoaaa. This IS ominous.

RedSK – I Wanna Fuck That One Chick That Screams In Iwrestledabearonce

THIS is the very essence of Redsk’s noise-sound. Raping loud soundwaves which are repeating in small sections inside each other. Volume changes are notable, this time the quiet section is in the very end.. Song ends soon enough for you to want a relisten.

The collection is free to download at:

Fuck your spankers!

Fuck Your Speakers VOL 2 Disc 3 // NMMREM V


Narrow-minded Metalhead reviews experimental music – V


I keep reading the title “Fuck your spankers”

[TFR366] Fuck Your Speakers Double Header Part I Disc 3

Confusing = Entertaining

Inspired by Kai Nobukos review in of Sirona Records MONOLITH compilation Sincerity Is The Key (, free download *wink* *wink* *nudge* nudge*). I decided to do the same thing but cut out the “i love everything” -aspect and take the ground in my own pessimistic way.I am going to disregard my normal reviewing habits this time and make a double header of reviews solely based on first impressions of MAMMOTH compilation FUCK YOUR SPEAKERS VOL. 2, which has been released by multiple weblabels.

In this first part I am reviewing the record a day after listening and the second part will be a track-by-track review.

So if I will offend you by listening your tracks without the needed insight and deep constellation im sorry. (Actually im not but when you are angry you can pretend you didnt see this sentence). However collections like this tend to be listened only once or twice, after which the listener may or may not pick up a few favourite tracks for more constant repetition.

Fuck Your Speakers 2 – Disc 3 – Orange Nippled Hedgehogs

So I decided to pick up CD 3 and expectactions didn’t surely rise when I noted that the tracks are in alphabetical order. After discussing this with an anonymous internet person (anonymous cause im not sure he wants his opinion public) it seems im not the only one who considers that a cheap option. By the way the person was tooth_eye.No, Disc 3 doesn’t actually have a name but the title looks better that way.

With heavy heart I have to admit that I was very pleasantly surprised of the quality. Expecting more pure noisechaos the instant highlight was the wondrous glitchy vibes of Assassins in the Sky by Kanellos.

The variation, interest and weirdly even quality of FYS Disc 3 seemed notable and along with Kanellos top moments include brilliantly promising Godflesh-esque industrial metal by Marc Broude. To go with that Lucky Oddy’s Wet Fuzz (2011 Mix), which for me is just plain fun with stupid vocal-performances, making it even funnier. Is the guy really singing the extremely high-pitched vocals 1:08 onwards. Or is it a melody?

Lord of Sp33d’s entertaining nintendo-speedcore piece also provides some giggles. A harsh beat with a Nintendo-melody always brings a smile on my face. I will also send cheers to “Umilaj Czas Czy Pedofil To Szum Widelczykowy Kutas”, actually mainly cause I fucking love the sound of Polish letters. I cannot really be the only one who finds Polish extremely fascinating, especially when theres 4-5 consonants in a row. And hey the track itself also sounds clearly above average noise with lots of stuff happening.

Im likewise quite sure that mECHONATHEREG’s Activate Damage’s main riff is stolen from Doom! And I love that riff. Instant kicks! Otherwise the track belongs to the weaker side of the entity mainly because of the annoying vocals. I know, I must be a fucking sovinist as I can rarely stand screaming female punk / indie / vocals sang with attitude. However the male vocalist isn’t making things any better. Talking about vocal performances, Machinoir = nice chaotic arrangement, but weak drum sounds and deathcore vocals, no thanks. Another vocal style I cannot stand.

The second mECHONATHEREG, Snipe hunt has a CRUSHING and so professional main riff it sounds like its stolen from somewhere. Unfortunately, this song either, is instrumental. After mechetaeytaqolgrep comes up Mitä? with two oddities. These tracks stand in the midst of the crushing sextet of Marc Broude, mECHONATHEREG and Mortal Void, making them largely inefficient.

Picking up the other weakest pieces is also surprisingly easy. The lovelily disgustingly named Lady Cumdumpster’s Mothafucka!!! (Feat. Chasing Stupid) feels to have already reached the stupidity. Do I have to mention that her profile picture looks awfully out of place for such an artist name? Is that two 16 year old chicks singing Elton John? On second though. if that or similar indeed is the case the picture suddendly became fucking amazing.

Out of the blue. Mortal Void The Great Pretending sounds fucking solid on the second go, but on the first I got too overwhelmed by again, Just look at this artist-description (I cut the samples freely this is not the whole text):

“What is a mortal void?
It exists within a soul

It creates and destroys.
It loves and hates.
It lives and dies.”

Seriously. Only the French can come up with artistic shit like that and Mortal Void isn’t even French. Funnily, not seeing the, my girlfriend commented that Mortal Void sounds like bodybuilding music imagining a big guy lifting weights and grunting. Not a far fetched image though im not sure if the body building-type can relate to Mortal Void’s poetic imaginary. Probably they can as I cannot and im skinny as fuck.

Mutant Beatniks’ drift also drifted largely past (lamest pun of the day) me as the huge volume difference to Mortal Void ate its power. Again, after second listen sounds like it could grow to be a fine track.

However none of the weaker tracks are without merit and some in their weakness actually provide a giggle to us fine folk who enjoy our bad music with the good. Entertaining entity with lots of variation, could even work as a background music for beer-drinking. For an open minded person wanting to have a mindfuck this CD is a great place to start. Mind expanding drugs may come next but don’t ask me where to get them.

Overall score: 7/10

Free download:

Master Toad & Pollux – Offer Their Souls // NMMREM II

Narrow-minded Metalhead reviews experimental music – II
Master Toad & Pollux – Offer Their Souls

Dark Ambient with a sense of melody

However clicheicly titled, this free to download ambient release is a real jewel in the weblabel rough. It was released in 2010 by TRASHFUCK Records and Kitty on Fire Records as a webrelease and a cd-r. When an album is co-released by two such brilliantly named weblabels it cannot be all bad! In fact, it turned out to be one of the best Dark Ambient records’ I’ve listened and one of the ones that really got me in the genre, along with NOTHING (best known as a side project of JWW from Agalloch).

All the songs are freely listenable and downloadable from which is linked to the title of the track when first mentioned. For whole packet, scroll to the bottom of the review.

Master Toad starts the split with 4 tracks, and 3 are instant hits. The vaguely hearable I Stood Upon The Beach of Lost Souls has a scary atmosphere and an unexplainable dark tower vibe, somehow still manages to stay interesting. If I was you I wouldn’t tune up the volume, as Dark Insects of the Catacomb whirrs right in with a dark egyptian atmosphere about 20DB louder. Extremely solid and gloomy, and fitting to the title! Curiously, the track delivers an atmosphere alike Mythological Cold Towers’ release The Vanished Pantheon. A massive doom record that has been on my regular playlist again lately. Similar atmosphere continues with Frail Raft Through The Rivers of Hell and if possible, it fits its title even better. A grim journey, but stays pleasant by growing up to a wonderful guitar melody in the end.

Unicorn Dreams finishes up the first half with a lighter tone and a beautiful melancholic melody.

What stands out in Master Toad’s side is that is so organic. As nighttime music goes, it is hard to top tunes that combine an interesting Ambient wall with a tangible story and as a cherry on the cake, a guitar melody.

Pollux’s side is less organic, but it still delivers great melodies. Black Hope has a big Braid -vibe. As Braid happens to be one of the best indie games of all time, this is very pleasant, though again, quite unexplained. Blue Hope is, if possible, the best track on this album with a light piano and very pleasant pulsing soundwave. The album finishes up Ghosts (Eternal Version), which is an interesting dark ambient wall, with a similar scary vibe than I Stood Upon The Beach of Lost Souls, concluding this album in fitting manner.

In free download weblabel releases, you rarely hear such well crafted passion and skill packed in a compact packet without any fillers.

Overall score: 9+/10