SDSA – Drug Life mixtape

They say that rock does not have danger anymore and they are right because most of what normal people label as rock is done by rich men in their 40-50’s or corporate money making machines. Back in the day the best selling rock was filled with real cocaine-flavoured fantasies. But now those same people are still making songs. Or those who were smart enough to survive it.

“I’m steady noddin’ out like I got the narcolepsy
girl I like you so I put the GHB up in your Pepsi”
– SDSA – Operation (Feat. Spunky Smith) (Prod. By FluiD)

They say that metal does not have danger anymore and again they are right. The 90’s church burnings and mainstream’s ideology of heavy metal being of satan is far out sight.

But we are only talking about mainstream. With a short dive underground you can easily find music where danger still lives. Take for example an Iraqese band Acrassicauda who played metal literally between bombings and in the fear of authorities finding out what they are doing and shooting them. So when Esa Holopainen of Amorphis (or any other renowed metal musician) tells that metal does not have danger anymore of course it is like they say…

Danger is definitely not out of underground music and that is why it is such a juicy goldmine to find real emotions of. And if there is a single album that has been the definition of danger lately it is SDSA’s brilliantly named “Drug Life”. And what the hell, the album is a free download from Bandcamp.

SDSA is short of Suicidally Depressed Substance Abusers but this is no emo-shit. Apparently most tracks are influenced by really fucked up real-life situations and that is why they don’t end up making tracks often.

Fuck, im talking about rock and metal, but the stuff that’s tweaked my built-in danger meter lately the most; is underground hip-hop from Detroit. I never knew I could like hip-hop quite this much, but I always knew there must be jewels like this somewhere. Stuff that is too raw to ever be in public attention. Stuff that doesn’t have much distinctively good beats so to fully appreciate you have to dig deep to the drug-infused lyrics and mean vocal lines.

This stuff is full of danger and disfigured streetviews. Listening them, you can really hear that things in Detroit are fucked up.

education is shit, you cant live in this country without staying lit
– SDSA – Operation

The beginning of Drug Life contains more humour and is more on the fun-loving side of abusing drugs and yourself. The middle part (Japan Remix (Feat. Katha Underground) (Prod. By De-Paul), Midnite Snack and Mos Cryptic is the weakest. However it does lead way to brilliantly gloomy last 30 minutes of the album which makes the album a tight entity.

Is this picture really from 2010 or the 80s’?

“now we’re all getting raped like the drunkard out of party
that smoked too much chronic and drank too much bacardi
but this type of rapist is being sponsored by our government
i feel like i’d be fake if i wasnt speaking on this shit
the way they keep cutting my grandfathers pension
makes me want to hang myself with my own fucking intestines”
– SDSA – Operation

Like I said they are not emo-shit; their lyrics are full of pitch-black humour and abusing people, or themselves. To close this review, here is one of the juiciest bits of the pitch-black-humour sort. In my minds eye I can see this scene in JAM.

“We’re in a parking lot and the visions all hasty –
if you think i’ll let her go then you must be crazy
i wasnt about to drop of and ask for a number
i tore off her clothes and we fucked in a dumpster

you can call it sin but i threw her in
she had leftover tacobells on her chin
and a banana peel upon a heel
saw some bloody puke so i didnt kneel
grabbed a garbage bag and i took a seat
pulled out my dick and fucked her feet

we got trashfucked girl knew how to suck
she never woke up you can call it luck
tried a dozen positions i loved her style
she was my centerfold and i was Jay Geils”
– SDSA – Crash The Club (Prod. by

Overall score: 9/10

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