Like Music To Your Ears is a music blog which consists of multiple themed blogs. You can choose to read the whole flow, pick a theme of your liking or search.

There’s enough of reviewers who push out reviews hastily without giving any possibility for the music to grow. This is why every piece of music reviewed in Like Music To Your Ears has at least a few weeks to mature (except “Music Quickies” and when I randomly feel like breaking the rules!) In 90 % cases its over a month. I’ve noticed it’s very important that the album is left alone for a while to see whether its contents invoke just a quick sensation or if they will stay with you.

Like Music To Your Ears might not be the brainchild of the most skillful writer, or the most professionally written review site in the universe. Hell, I surely hope it’s not. But at least I am trying to give music the time it deserves.

It is a conjoining of my previous music blogging enterprises Narrow-minded Metalhead Reviews experimental music (nmmrem.blogspot.com) and Great Albums You’ve Never Heard Of (neverheardmusic.blogspot.com). They’ve been running since 2011 and 2012 but turned inactive since I wanted to put them both together but just could not find a proper name.

You can also follow the updates in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/likemusictoyourears 

E-mail (checked very infrequently): likemusicktoyourears (at) gmail [dot] {com}

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