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Kanellos – Destroy music // NMMREM XXII

I have been curious about Kanellos since I spotted the track Assassins in the sky in Fuck your speakers vol. 2 music collection. It is among the best material on those 2 cd’s I listened and reviewed.

Sure enough, I finally bumped to a Kanellos release. Destroy Music is his fourth release, making switch to a new ground, Sirona-Records when the previous releases by Kanellos have been released on Dramacore and Glitch City. Both labels which I can recommend as they have some truly great stuff in their catalogues.

Like so often I did not know what to expect from the release. And sure enough, peculiarities lied in await for me. I had to double and triple check the genre of the release to figure out what exactly I am listening. One of the main genres is supposedly Hip Hop but I have never heard Hip Hop like this. Especially as it is completely instrumental. Is this some sort of Ambient Hip Hop? That cannot be a genre.

Second track In a breath sounds like its recorded in an echoing hall with something between you and the sound taking away the “top” of it. It is for sure a peculiar feeling and switch of the sound after the intro Gouvernementalité. When Gouvernementalité has an epic lead melody and something to grab on In a Breath fittingly seems to blow by you with harmonies that float around and just manage to avoid contact.

Lie in Wait a short spacey ambient piece leads to the main goodness of the EP. Calmingly ominous All Broken has a tasty beat and atmosphere to spare. Infectious, lovely dirty overpeaking. Groovy Yanqui follows and doesn’t notch down the quality. It takes some of those spacey ambients introduced in Lie in Wait and places them in a sandwich with an organic beat, and munchy, almost sexy bass riff. These two tracks, especially All Broken sound like Kanellos could be a great pair with the underground rap group SDSA; and their suicidal hiphop lyrics.

Like the end of All Broken also Yanqui transforms towards ambience and flows into a distortion space-hymn which is naturally followed by more of cosmos in the title track Destroy Music. It is a very FluiD (pun intended) transformation and indeed, does remind me of the album Envisioning Abstraction: the Duality of FluiD.

More surprises; space-hymns flow on to the final track No One Left, which supplies distant guitar and piano melodies (?) and suddenly a catchy rhythm. With all the different sounds Destroy Music equips, it proves that good old craftmanship is not dead, and leaves a lasting impression.

“The passion for destruction is a creative passion” – Mikhail Bakunin


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